• Tichinabet VI

Name: Tichinabet VI
Date created: 
Edition Type: Open Edition
Type Of Print:
Digital Print - unmounted and unframed
Date Of Print:
Will be printed in next two days after your order
Made in: UK

Artist: Rosen Stanoev
: Archival Digital Inkjet Paper
Approximate Size:
Image printed full frame.
Available in the following sizes:
Approx  A4 - 20’/30’cm - 8"/12"in Price: £19.45
Approx  A3 - 30’/45’cm - 12”/18”in Price: £34.95
Approx  A2 - 42’/60’cm - 17”/24”in Price: £59.95
Approx  A1 - 60’/85’cm - 23”/33”in Price: £99.95
Approx  A0 - 84’/118’cm - 33”/47”in Price: £194.95

1) store or exhibit the photographs in a cool, dry place
2) handle the prints as little as possible
3) use cotton gloves, and both hands, when picking up a print
4) do not place a print in direct sunlight for any extended period
5) do not mount or frame with non-archival adhesive in contact with the prints

Rosen is awarded with gold medal for sculpture in Bulgaria on 1984.
His sculptures are served from the Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna as a reward for Journalism - 1997 and 1997 Photomodel.
His sculptures are awarded prizes at the International competition for new pop singers "Discovery" in Varna on 1999.
Born on 4th of September 1958 in Varna. Works in the field of sculpture, painting, print and photography.

Works of Rossen Stanoev are owned of private collections in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Russia and others.

Tichinabet VI

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